About Us

The company was incorporated in 2007and has been involved in the field of information technology since then providing consultancy and technical services to both public and private sectors. We specialized in providing solutions and involved actively in the design, development, testing and commissioning of application software

Ever since, we were involved in implementing prestigious and sizeable projects that make us reputable service provider. Apart from involvements in such projects, we are developing our own software products to cater increasing demands and sophistication of communication & information technology.

We are gearing towards achieving high level of excellence by strengthening capital and resources. Strategically, we plan for expansion and diversification program to be able be ahead and meeting the challenge of the information age

We emphasize creative ideas to invent new product lines. We shall progress and build strength for competing in local and international arena. To be a leader ahead of others, we do things differently and focus on technological innovation. We cultivate values of uniqueness in our products and services to secure niche market sectors that we are able to command role of leadership. To achieve such goal, we spend substantial amount of time on research and development and it shall serve as a cornerstones for business development plan.

We can help you increase your revenue with e-commerce and customer relationship management solution. In addition, we can provide the web-based business intelligence reporting to better plan and control your business. We will develop cost-effective approach for web application development. We have proven industry experience in key application areas including customer service, marketing product management, retail performance analysis and management responsibility reporting CSGlobalnet has successfully executed many projects from Global powerhouses to new .Com enterprises.